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Product review is the theme of today's post. Yeah Fashion Addict needed something new & I had the perfect timing, as a few days ago I received a parcel with cosmetics by Fresh Line.
Fresh Line is a Greek cosmetics line that uses only natural ingredients to create their products.Their main characteristics, is the incredible smell!! Using Fresh Line products for many years I can assure you that they are all perfect, very special & friendly to the skin.
Some days ago I received as a gift Fresh Line's new cosmetics line, NECTAR!! The products were all in a bee hive shaped box, as their main ingredient is honey. The box included a facial cream, 4 testers of facial serum, 2 hair products (a hair mask & a sampoo), & a body soap.
The first thing I noticed was their so delicious smell (Yeah I have a thing with smells)! Before I decided to write this post, I tried all the products to tell you my opinion. Well, I told you above that I'm a fan of Fresh Line, so you won't expect me to make a bad critique about NECTAR.
Firstly I tried the facial cream; it was very smooth, moisturised my face very well & instantly made it soft without this annoying oil sense.
I also tried 1 of the facial serum testers; it had no big difference from the other facial cream, but I liked this one, as well.
The next days I decided to test the hair products & I must say I came to be very content! Both of them were survival for my hair & left them really really soft & shinny -yeah I tend to straighten (destroy) them very often- .
Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to try the soap yet, but being a frequent Fresh Line customer, I can tell you that soaps make a really good work & also smell awesome (If you are a smell fan like me, buy a soap & a body milk with the same smell for better results!!).
You can see photos of all the products below (I wish you could smell them, too!). If you haven't tried them, I insist that you should! If you have tried them, please tell me your thoughts!

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  1. aww ti teleia pou fainontai!! ta exw dei kai apo konta murizoun teleia kai as einai me meli (pou to antipathw xaxax)
    Na ta xareis kopela mou!! :)

  2. It seems to me they taste so good *_*

    Check out my new post if you want, I'd like to know what you think about it :)
    Greetings from Italy!

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  3. Ontws fainontai teleia! Tha ithela poli na ta dokimasw! Eimai kai egw fan twn proiontwn tis etaireias (osa exw dokimasei)...

  4. Great things.
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  5. I haven't heard of this line before, but it seems like a lovely line! Great blog!!

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  7. My daughter nearly ate one of the creams which has vanilla in it. :P